Vitamin C Secrets

What does vitamin C work for?

  1. Prevents the marks to appear and develop

It prevents the movements of enzymes that cause marks on skin the damage of environmental factors on skin.

  1. Fights against wrinkle appearance

Supporting collagen existence, it helps preventing little wrinkles and lines appear on skin. Expert think that a diet including foods which are rich of vitamin C such as orange and brussels sprout stimulates collagen production.

  1. Prevents the damage of sun

The products consisting of SPF, sun protection factor, are very important to protect our skin from sun but they are not enough. The creams which consist of vitamin C besides SPF are successful preventing UV lights to damage our skin.

What is the mission of vitamin C on our skin?

Vitamin C is vital for both our body and out skin. Vitamin C is effective on our skin on the following :

  • Skin colour tone : it removes the tirozinaz enzyme which is responsible for melanin synthesis.
  • Collagen synthesis: vitamin C is an active that effects the collagen synthesis in the cell. If there is no vitamin C, there is no collagen.
  • A strong antioxidant: it helps production of antioxidant and deactivates the oxidated proteins. Therefore, the skin colour tone gets equalized.

What should be done to take vitamin C regularly?

If you do not need to take it as an additive  because of an illness, you should take it through foods. To do it, stick the names of the food that contains vitamin C on your fridge and add your shopping list at least a fruit and a vegetable containing vitamin C. If you consume different fruits and vegetables every week, you will take  the vitamin and mineral that you need.

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