Pi System Aesthetic in 2018

One of the aesthetics methods that will become popular in 2018 is “Pi System Aesthetic.”

For what reasons is this method used in aesthetics and cosmetics? The quality of skin starts to collapse with time and environmental reasons. These environmental reasons can be lined as harmful effects of sun, free radicals, environment pollution. Collagen and elastic fibers are destroyed and the hyaluronic acid quantity of the body decreases. It causes the change on skin. Decreasing of the elasticity of skin causes it to look pale and matte. So the skin starts to get older and wrinkles occurs. One of the methods that can be done at this point is Pi System.  It is an application that is combine of somon DNA and hyaluronic acid. Besides, it is a very strong  renewal method that includes 9 vitamins, 4 minerals and a lot of amino acids.

When are the results realised?

When it is applied, there is a natural blush seen and the skin starts to renew itself in the following days. The skin looks more luminous and healthy. It gets full of moisture, the wrinkles starts to decrease and enlarge. A healthy and refreshed skin appears as a result.

Which areas can it be applied on?

It is appropriate to use on every area that the skin covering the body is effected and deformed during aging. A skin analysis must be done by an expert to decide which protocol should be applied before application. It gives the advantage of application on the areas such as face, low-neck, neck, lips, acne prints, chaps, upper hand, supraorbital. While two sessions are enough on young skins, it is suggested to be done 4-6 sessions(1 session in 7-10 days) on mature skins . So obvious youth is gained again without changing natural look on face. The skin gets brighter and shiny and refreshed and more dynamic.

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