Keep Your Youth In 5 Minutes

If you are a type of person who stays in beauty center for hours, you can look well-cared and beautiful with little tips in just five minutes. Let’s start with the morning.

Wash your face as soon as you wake up. Because dead skin cells cumulates in the pillow that you put your head at night and it can stick to your face again while sleeping. So it is very important to wash your face as soon as you wake up. It not only helps morning cleaning but also gets your skin ready for moisturizerand make up. Remember to use a toner. Using toner resets the pH balance of your skin and decreases the possibility of reaction to damage that you will face during the day.

Make Preparations For A Face That Can Lift You Up All Day

You may enjoy drinking coffee in the morning but add a little lemon . Squeeze a lemon in a cup of warm water( or hot) and drink it. So your liver starts to work and gets rid of toxines. You should pay attention to your skin more while detoxification. Apply a SPF cream which should not be less than 15. You can add extra serums which affects like detox. After preparing your skin, you can apply a stabilizer for your make up not to let you down.

Do Not Let The Downfall In The Afternoon Effect You

You must have said “When did I become like this and nobody did not let me know” when you  look in the mirror at 4 pm. No need to panic, everybody face this. Putting on a shiny lipstick will refresh you in seconds. If you want your mood risen, you can put on your favourite perfume.

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