Getting Younger With Golden Injection

One of the most used methods among nonsurgically skin rejuvenation applications is golden injection application. Skin rejuvenation, skin renewal, face lifting helps the face and chin to be seen better. Moreover, it aims to move cell development factors on upper skin, thus, tone differences on skin, scar prints, fill the pores due to acnes, marks, small wrinkles. Young and filled looking skin, defined chin and enlarged pores treatment are among its effect.

How is it applied?

The most important feature is that it gives effective results by servicing at the first session and it is a painless application. When the head piece with a golden injection of radiofrequency device touches the skin, micro injections goes underneath the skin in a sudden way with an otomatically set depth. The person after the application can go back to his daily life right away. Another feature of golden injection radio frequency is that there is no flaking, peeling and blush which are seen in fractional laser. There happens a blush on the patient lasting 3-5 hours and it goes away after this time.

5 Minutes Is Enough For Beauty

Eat things that will give your face shine in lunch time. Consider lunch time as a nice break that you can make your face bright. Dermatologists suggests you to prefer the aqueous food witch are rich of C, E and K vitamins. So you can add your plate citrus, Strawberry, peanut, wholegrain and fibrous food. By the way do not forget to drink lots of water. The water grade decreases till noon.

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