Deep Cleaning Secrets

For a deep cleaning;

You can have a soft and young looking face by cleaning  deeply. How many times have you slept without cleaning your make up and seen your make up has not been gone bad? If you have gone through this situation once in the last year , there is no problem. But if you sleep with your make up on three or four times a week, it is a problem. Dermatologists say that if you want a better skin , the most important step is cleaning skin however the weather is. Skin cleaning provides you have a shiny and fresh skin if it is done appropriately and with correct products. A good cleaning helps rejuvenescence and a fresh looking. If you do not do this, the pores gets full, becomes dull and gets more sensitive. It also makes you get old earlier.

Cleaning Face
Twice a Week

It is suggested that you should clean face twice as in brushing your teeth. It is the same even if you do not do make up. So don’t think that you don’t need to clean your face because you didn’t do make up. Air pollution, sweating and the daily dirt ( phone screen etc) causes the pores on your skin to get full. The toxines from the air obviously makes your skin get older. So cleaning your skin in the evening helps your skin to repair itself while you are sleeping. You should not skip morning cleaning.

The reason is your skin gets rid of the toxines in the pores and the accumulating toxines is rinsed thanks to morning cleaning. Lastly, the morning cleaning provides your skin to absorb the creams that you will apply.

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