Challenge Time With Youth Injection!

When we look at the mirror, a line that appears on our face, sometimes a grey hair reminds us how fast time passes though we did not realize anything. We had a smooth face without any lines as recently as yesterday. While thinking how fast time passed, we need to find a way to remove the sudden marks of time.

Youth Injection H100

H100 youth injection which takes place in the innovations of 2018 helps removing deformations on the skin, dangling and wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid  all over our body from blood vessels to visceral organs exists much in infancy but it decreases quickly from 30s. With hyaluronic decrease , the skin loses its shine, moisture and elasticity. The main objective of youth injection is to increase the hyaluronic acid quantity and ensure its stability in high quantity . It helps the skin to refresh, to constructure again, moisturize naturally and to decrease the negative effects of free radicals.the treatment is called youth injection because of the the renewal that it makes on the skin and recycling on tissues.

How is it applied?

It is carried on in 15-20 minutes by practising very thin injectors underneath the skin after local anesthesia done on the area to be applied youth injection.

It can be applied on the areas where the wrinkles and dangles exist such as face, neck, low neck and upper hands and the areas where skin tissues start to get loose. The effect of youth injection is seen in a very short time with the face getting constructed upwards. Shine and refreshment start in 7 days and it continues in an increasing way in months. Its effect can lengthen in case of drinking 2 litres of water a day.

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